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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008...8:22 am

BlogHighEd [Bracket] Winner + 2 Month Stats

It wasn’t rigged, and it wasn’t planned this way, but BlogHighEd’s own Matt Herzberger took the BlogHighEd [Bracket] Championship with a final score of 138 points. He was the only contestant out of 18 to take Kansas. No one chose Memphis, and North Carolina was chosen the most (5). Matt only missed 17 games (73% correct).

Rounding out the Top 5 are:

2. Sarah Gould (109)
3. Jamie Hastings-Smith (109)
4. Michae Tarby (104)
5. Jeremy Wilburn (100)

Michae correctly guessed the most amount of games out of anyone (46).

For winning, Matt gets the opportunity to help maintain the BlogHighEd site. CONGRATS, MATT! 🙂

BlogHighEd Stats: 2 Months

Here is where we are after 2 months. We were shooting for 300 RSS subscribers by the end of March, but fell slightly short. Pass the site along to your co-workers, and teach them the wonders of RSS!

Visits: 5,601 (2,733 unique visitors)
Page Views: 9,466 (1.69 pages/visit)
Time on Site: 2mins, 47 secs
Viewer Profile: Windows (67.26%), Firefox (73.31%), T1 (40.64%), 1280 X 1024 (24.12%)

RSS Subscribers: 280 (and rising!)
Twitter Followers: 57
Facebook Fans: 54
# of BHE Applications: 27

Top Ten Referrers: (609) (460) (410) (374) (252) (249) (240) (226) (182)

As always, thanks to our readers and members. You’re all great. We can’t wait to see you at conferences throughout the summer and fall. Be sure to ask us for a BlogHighEd sticker!


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