Friday Five: #AMAHigherEd preview

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 12-02-2016 2:26 pm

The American Marketing Association holds its annual Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education next week. I’m looking forward to being a part of a panel discussion on building a research-based brand strategy with Brad Bohlander of North Carolin...

Day Two: Get Up Early and Make Your Morning Count

Posted by 12-02-2016 12:03 pm

Get up early I can hear many of you groaning at that title, right But let me give you a little incentive to at least read through to the end. Did you know that being a morning person has some tangible benefits The post Day Two: Get Up Early and Make Y...

Day One: Start With Your Why

Posted by 12-01-2016 2:11 pm
I swam competitively all my growing up years. When I was around 13 we got a new AAU coach who made us spend a lot of time doing drills in the starting blocks. He would always say, the race is won in the blocks. He was reminding us that the difference be...

Video in Admissions

Posted by HigherEd Live 12-01-2016 6:00 am

When it comes to communicating with prospective students, consider reaching them through video. About 65 percent of high school students — notoriously a hard demographic when it comes to grabbing and keeping their attention — watch YouTube dai...

State of College Admission Update

Posted by HigherEd Live 11-30-2016 5:51 pm

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) publishes an annual report. It’s called the State of College Admission. In it you’ll find up-to-date information about the admission process. The practices include first-time fr...

Join My 30-Day Challenge For a Better 2017

Posted by 11-30-2016 2:36 pm

Every year I set aside time in December to look back and look forward. It’s been a ritual of mine for most of my adult life. Some years it was an exercise in frustration but it is always a learning … Read More The post Join My 30-Day Challenge...

Post-Election: Safety, Dialogue & Student Engagement

Posted by HigherEd Live 11-29-2016 8:53 pm

It is not news that the unexpected outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election heightened tensions on college and university campuses. Now, nearly a month after Election Day, campuses remain locations for dialogue and student engagement as well as the sites...

Episode 026 Author Krystal Shannan on the New Breed of Reader Fan Events

Posted by 11-29-2016 1:49 pm

In this episode authorpreneur Krystal Shannan talks about her multi-platform author parties and the new model for how authors can get instant buy-in with fans through giveaways and interaction on multiple platforms. The post Episode 026 – Author Kry...

Admission Careers: Breaking In, Bouncing Around, & Blossoming

Posted by HigherEd Live 11-28-2016 9:02 pm

So, you want to start a career in admissions. Did you know that Enrollment Managers agonize over the recruitment and retention of personnel almost as much as the funnel It’s true. We work in a field where consistency is vital, yet often unattainabl...

Amazon Lowers S3 Storage Prices Again. Is It a Commodity now

Posted by HighEdWebTech 11-28-2016 1:30 pm

Amazon has lowered prices again on the Simple Storage Service effective Dec. 1, 2016. Costs will start as low at $0.023 per gigabyte. The post Amazon Lowers S3 Storage Prices Again. Is It a Commodity now appeared first on HighEdWebTech.