A Time and Place for CAPTCHAs

Posted by HighEdWebTech 09-29-2014 3:52 pm
Sadly, we still live in a web world where we need to protect our sign-up, contact and registration forms with anti-spam technologies like the dreaded CAPTCHA. The post A Time and Place for CAPTCHAs appeared first on HighEdWebTech.

CrowdSource Summit will connect students with the people who make the Web

Posted by Link: The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals 09-28-2014 10:21 pm
When you ask people who work on the Web what they like about their jobs, you get a lot of answers. The way the Internet brings us together. Looking through data, coming up with hypotheses on how to make improvements and analyzing data again to check fo...

Higher Ed Live Guest Post 6 Tips to Maximize User Experience in Alumni Surveys

Posted by HigherEd Live 09-26-2014 9:02 am

This post is sponsored and written by Formstack, an easy-to-use online form building solution. Are your alumni as engaged as you want them to be Or are they passively receiving information from your school without much interaction A strong alumni networ...

#hesm Analytics: Benchmarking your school social media with a simple formula by @CRuleSportsGuy

Posted by Higher Ed Analytics 09-26-2014 8:52 am

Caleb Rule (@CRuleSportsGuy) is the Social Media Coordinator at Georgia Regents University. Shooting for an accurate-yet-brief social media analytics report Over the last few months, Ive tinkered with how I report on analytics to sure the most accurate-y...

Essential Elements Of A Social Media Policy

Posted by CKSyme.com 09-26-2014 8:29 am

This piece is part of my continuing series on the essential elements of crisis prevention strategies. Incorporating social media into your organization without a social media policy is a risk. Guidelines are the bedrock of your strategy and the guide post...

CASE Twitter Chat (#CASESMC)

Posted by Geoff Campbell 09-25-2014 9:53 am

On Tuesday I led my first CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) Twitter chat. I came up with the topic and questions, which were then tweeted out from the @CASEadvance account. Here’s the Storify summary of the chat. Welcome to #ca...

Volunteer-Led Fundraising: SSE Riga's "Beat Stanford" Campaign

Posted by Alumni Futures 09-24-2014 4:42 pm

Before reading this article, take a little less than three minutes to view a video that explains part of the effort discussed below: Click the following link to view the video: SSE Riga's "Let's Beat Stanford" Fundraising effort §§§ 'There will always be ...

Winning or Losing With Snapchat

Posted by CKSyme.com 09-24-2014 9:24 am

When little children get a new toy, they are enamoredfor about three minutes. Then, it goes in the pile. When social media gets a new channel, we have that same new toy excitement. Brave souls jump on the bandwagon and skeptics sit in the wings decryin...

Time to use social logins on your #highered websites #hesm #heweb

Posted by College Web Editor 09-24-2014 7:38 am

Forgot yor password(s) Authentication and identification of active campus network users have always been at the core of the IT applications necessary to run a university. If you cant log in, you cant get your email, register for your course, pay your b...

Advancement Live: Developing & Managing a Volunteer Alumni Board

Posted by HigherEd Live 09-22-2014 1:48 pm

This week’s episode of Advancement Live (1pm EDT on 9/23) features Beau Dudley, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs at Washington  and Lee University, and Dan Einstein, Past-President of the W&L Alumni Association Board of Directors. Join host ...