Friday Five: Super Bowl pre-game edition

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 02-05-2016 8:44 am
As everybody knows, this Sunday is Super Bowl 50. It’s being touted as “the biggest Super Bowl the NFL has ever celebrated,” so it is a bigger deal than most of these events. It’s also the first Super Bowl in my memory that uses Ar...

Present at the 2016 Higher Ed Content Conference: Submit a proposal by Feb 10 #hesm

Posted by College Web Editor 02-05-2016 7:45 am
Looking for great presentations for the 2016 Higher Ed Content Conference (April 20) Welcoming hundreds of participants from more than 60 different institutions based in the US, Canada and the UK in April 2015, the 2nd edition of the Higher Ed Content Con...

How to Develop Your Social Media Voice

Posted by 02-05-2016 7:41 am
The following excerpt was in a post from Sprout Social on ten branding strategies every business should follow. Since all authors are business people, this is a good reminder. One of the most important strategies you need to adopt as a business brand is d...

Good to Great Email Communication

Posted by HigherEd Live 02-04-2016 3:24 pm
Learn how how to transform your email marketing from good to great for current students from higher ed experts. 

Tracking digital conversions in Advancement

Posted by HigherEd Live 02-04-2016 10:05 am

Measuring success of your digital efforts is critical for every institutions strategy. Social media and web analytics can quantify traffic source and volume. However, these statistics along dont help us answer questions of ROI in the same way that conve...

How Much Social Media Marketing Is Enough

Posted by 02-04-2016 9:05 am

BookBub ran an interesting blog post the other day that included 98 book marketing ideas. Initially, the slide deck can be very intimidating for authors who are still not quite sure about this book marketing stuff. But there are some real gems there and I...

mStoners Fifth Annual Top Picks

Posted by mStoner blog 02-04-2016 6:00 am

Better late than never, I present to you mStoner’s Fifth Annual Top Picks. This is a crowd-sourced collection of resources, sites, tools, and designs that my colleagues and I can’t live without. I hope you’ll find something new to inspir...

People Are Talking Dont Miss Out

Posted by 02-03-2016 9:47 am

It is always exciting when you offer people something you think will help and you get great responses right away. I had two free webinars this past weekend and the input was fantastic: Mari said: I wanted to tell you … Read More The post People Are ...

How a Single Broken Link Can Cost a College $100,000+

Posted by Mark Greenfield - Higher Ed Web Consulting 02-02-2016 10:51 am

We all intuitively know that broken links are bad. Links are the foundation of the Web and when they don’t work the user experience suffers, SEO suffers, and credibility suffers.  But let’s take this a step farther. Are there real financial ra...

Latest Facebook Newsfeed Tweaks How to Stay Ahead

Posted by 02-02-2016 9:44 am

Facebook announced they are messing with the algorithm againthis time experimenting with changing the order of how posts show up in your newsfeed. This post from Social Times gives a good explanation of the latest Facebook newsfeed change. Here's how you...