A Success Story Of Cardale Jones And Social Media

Posted by 01-13-2015 4:19 pm

In 2012, many of us in athletics were shocked by a tweet that came from a freshman Ohio State football player right on the heels of the Jim Tressel exit and consequential NCAA troubles. Cardale Jones was making a name for himself in social media, and it w...

Build First Degree Social Media Relationships

Posted by 01-13-2015 8:46 am

Connection is the ultimate goal of all media. Even in broadcasting we are looking to connect with emotional needs.  Before social media (B.S.), we were never able to be friends with a celebrity. Now, I can connect with movie stars, professional athletes...

Meet #HigherEd Analytics Pros: Liz Gross (@lizgross144)

Posted by Higher Ed Analytics 01-13-2015 7:58 am

Liz Gross, Social Media & Market Research Strategist at Great Lakes Educational LS and the Social Media Measurement instructor at Higher Ed Experts, is one of the 12 higher ed professionals who will present at the 2015 Higher Ed Analytics Conference....

How to get your #highered conference proposal accepted

Posted by College Web Editor 01-13-2015 7:30 am

If you really want to learn, teach. If you present at a conference, you wont stop learningfrom the time you start to write your speaking proposal to the moment you answer the last question from your audience at the conference. So, how do you get your pr...

A Closer Look at Shorthand Visual Communications

Posted by Meet Content 01-12-2015 10:06 pm

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of one of our students. A graduating student, let’s say. Perhaps their feelings are best represented like this: Or like this: (_) <)   )College /     \ \(_) (    (> is finally /    \ (_) <)  ...

Podcast: How to build the right team with the right people

Posted by Aligned Path Thoughts 01-12-2015 1:32 pm

Learn how to build the right staff to meet your institutions goals

Keyboards in iOS

Posted by HighEdWebTech 01-12-2015 1:25 pm

All it takes is adding an element to your input field and iOS devices will show the correct keyboard. The post Keyboards in iOS appeared first on HighEdWebTech.

Dec 2014 Reports: #highered Web Analytics Monthly Benchmarking Reports for the US, UK & France

Posted by Higher Ed Analytics 01-12-2015 8:15 am

As part of a 1-year project, I’ve decided to published monthly benchmarking reports using Google Analytics benchmarking reports for Universities & Colleges websites. Why these benchmarking analytics reports As I explained in a column published...

If powers Oregons new branding push

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 01-12-2015 7:49 am

No matter who emerges victorious in tonight’s NCAA Division I national football championship (update: Ohio State did), it’s clear that the University of Oregon’s new If branding campaign is a winner. Oregon’s TV ad — Explore ...

Friends Council on Education Workshop

Posted by Geoff Campbell 01-10-2015 11:14 am

In November, I took part in a major section of the new employee orientation at Friends’ Central – a trip to Pendle Hill, a 2-day Quaker retreat and conference center just west of Philadelphia in Wallingford, PA. The workshop, Friends Council o...