Essential Elements Of A Social Media Policy

Posted by 09-26-2014 8:29 am

This piece is part of my continuing series on the essential elements of crisis prevention strategies. Incorporating social media into your organization without a social media policy is a risk. Guidelines are the bedrock of your strategy and the guide post...

CASE Twitter Chat (#CASESMC)

Posted by Geoff Campbell 09-25-2014 9:53 am

On Tuesday I led my first CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) Twitter chat. I came up with the topic and questions, which were then tweeted out from the @CASEadvance account. Here’s the Storify summary of the chat. Welcome to #ca...

Volunteer-Led Fundraising: SSE Riga's "Beat Stanford" Campaign

Posted by Alumni Futures 09-24-2014 4:42 pm

Before reading this article, take a little less than three minutes to view a video that explains part of the effort discussed below: Click the following link to view the video: SSE Riga's "Let's Beat Stanford" Fundraising effort §§§ 'There will always be ...

Winning or Losing With Snapchat

Posted by 09-24-2014 9:24 am

When little children get a new toy, they are enamoredfor about three minutes. Then, it goes in the pile. When social media gets a new channel, we have that same new toy excitement. Brave souls jump on the bandwagon and skeptics sit in the wings decryin...

Time to use social logins on your #highered websites #hesm #heweb

Posted by College Web Editor 09-24-2014 7:38 am

Forgot yor password(s) Authentication and identification of active campus network users have always been at the core of the IT applications necessary to run a university. If you cant log in, you cant get your email, register for your course, pay your b...

Advancement Live: Developing & Managing a Volunteer Alumni Board

Posted by HigherEd Live 09-22-2014 1:48 pm

This week’s episode of Advancement Live (1pm EDT on 9/23) features Beau Dudley, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs at Washington  and Lee University, and Dan Einstein, Past-President of the W&L Alumni Association Board of Directors. Join host ...

Some thoughts about college students and Yik Yak

Posted by Eric Stoller's Blog 09-19-2014 11:24 am

My latest post for Inside Higher Ed gives you a bit of info about the “hot mess” that is the anonymous app Yik Yak. Yik Yak is an Anagram for Hot Mess {new #SAtech post at @InsideHigherEd} #SAchat #AcAdv

No Better Way to Read an Application

Posted by TargetX iThink Online 09-18-2014 1:15 pm

After 19 years in the MIT Sloan Admissions office, it is safe to say that I have seen how admissions has evolved and how the technological advancements have enhanced the process for many institutions.The admissions office at MIT Sloan, led by Senior Direc...

Thinking about a website redesign

Posted by Susan Talbert Evans Blog 09-18-2014 7:01 am

Were back to school. Fall will officially arrive in a few days. You cant find a place to park, so you know your campus is in full swing. All that and you really need to redesign your website. At many colleges and universities, a website redesign is a ...

Marketing new programs: Shaping your plan

Posted by Grad School Marketer 09-16-2014 8:37 am

One of the most exciting projects for any marketing professional would be the opportunity to build a new brand from scratch. While few of us will get to do this for an entire organization, new institutional programs create a unique opportunity to stretch ...