Meet #hewebpitt conference closing keynote: Brad Frost on Present-Friendly Web, Atomic Design & #highered websites

Posted by College Web Editor 04-02-2014 7:25 am

Helping you learn and grow in your higher ed career – no matter how you do it. That’s Higher Ed Experts’ motto! That’s why I spent my time chasing the latest trends, doing research, developing online programs (conferences & co...

College and University April Fools Homepages, 2014 Edition

Posted by mStoner blog 04-02-2014 1:49 am

Colleges and universities are notorious for April Fools’ Homepage takeovers  pranks, hoaxes, stunts, jests, jokes, and shenanigans displayed right there on the front door of the website. Why not Humor makes education relatable! Here’s a...

Top 5 Fishy April Fools Day #highered Web Homepages

Posted by College Web Editor 04-01-2014 4:53 pm

April Fool’s Day: National Higher Ed Web Team Holiday! It’s a tradition. On April Fool’s Day many webbies go crazily creative, geeky and funny with their website homepages. I’m sure you’ve seen your share so far, but I just w...

Wow. Such website. Many April. So Fools.

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 04-01-2014 1:05 am

Wow. April foolery is in the air — and on college and university websites around the world, including ours. Here’s the explanation.Filed under: blogging, higher education, just for fun

Communicating Your Brand in the Campus Visit

Posted by mStoner blog 03-31-2014 12:00 pm

I believe that branding is 10% what you say and 90% what you do. We higher ed marketers spend most of our time focusing on brand messaging the things we communicate on websites and...

2014 Social Media Toolkit

Posted by HigherEd Live 03-31-2014 9:29 am

Higher Ed Live guest host Stephanie St.Martin from Boston College speaks with Cara Rousseau and Amanda Peralta about social media campaigns at Duke University, Erin Supinka a current student and social media ambassador from Rochester Institute of Technolo...

Best Practices for Email Newsletter Content Planning

Posted by Meet Content 03-30-2014 8:06 pm

Everyone loves to prognosticate about the future of email, including whether or not anyone still reads it or if well soon be able to check it via our refrigerators. For better or for worse, email remains a ubiquitous form of communication today. Accordin...

360Public Makes Sense of Data from IPEDS

Posted by HighEdWebTech 03-30-2014 5:13 pm

New website quickly navigates and makes sense of complicated data from Higher-Education IPEDS website and allows for comparisons and benchmarks of colleges and universities in seconds. The post 360Public Makes Sense of Data from IPEDS appeared first on Hi...

The Negative Effects of Newsjacking

Posted by Mike McCready - Social Media and Marketing 03-30-2014 2:46 am

If you haven’t heard the term before, newsjacking is simply piggybacking your ideas on trending news topics. When done correctly, this is a powerful way to have your ideas and message spread past your immediate sphere of influence. When done incorre...

WeightWatchers Incredible You project: Personalized storytelling

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 03-29-2014 8:12 pm

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately about how we higher ed marketers can better incorporate storytelling to build brand identity and achieve our institutional goals. (This is more than just a personal interest; I’ll be co-presenting...