Friday Five: 2013 trends

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 01-25-2013 8:07 am

A lot of bloggers post end-of-year/start-of-year pieces that gives their take on what trends the new year will bring. I scanned several of these posts. Here are five that are most relevant to higher ed marketing work and definitely worth passing along. Th...

How you can be successful with a one stop centralized enrollment model

Posted by 01-25-2013 7:29 am

Imagine this scenario: a student gets sent to financial aid to take care of an issue only when they arrived the registrar has places a hold and they are sent across campus This is a scenario that has played out … Continue reading →

Everyday Analytics in #highered: tools and tips by Joshua Dodson (@joshuaddodson) from Eastern Kentucky University

Posted by Higher Ed Analytics 01-25-2013 6:30 am

Joshua Dodson, Google Analytics Qualified Web Expert and SEO Analyst at Eastern Kentucky University, is one of the 12 higher ed professionals presenting at the 1st higher ed analytics conference. He has also been teaching a 4-week course on analytics for ...

Getting Radical at the Big Ideas in Higher Education Conference

Posted by Eric Stoller's Blog 01-24-2013 5:36 pm

The most-commented, most-discussed post that I’ve ever written for Inside Higher Ed was last year’s “Where Are the Radical Practitioners” entry. It quickly collected far more comments than I had expected, and I made the decision no...

Were Fording the Social Media Channel. Again.

Posted by mStoner blog 01-24-2013 4:03 pm

We couldn’t believe we completely sold out our webinar this afternoon. It was an exciting to know that so many people are paying attention to their social media strategy. But that also meant some of...

Uncertainty in Enrollment Management: The State of College Admission

Posted by mStoner blog 01-24-2013 1:56 pm

A theme that is reflected throughout this report is uncertainty – uncertainty for colleges, high schools, students, and families. – National Association for College Admission Counseling, 2012 State of College Admission Uncertainty is a bad.....

Free photo resources for campus clients

Posted by Grad School Marketer 01-24-2013 8:59 am

It's not uncommon for our office to get requests for stock photography, both of our campus and for more general or random topics. Others won't ask--you might just discover photos of unknown origin when you least expect it. Here are some resources to keep ...

On digital hoarding

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 01-24-2013 8:46 am

When I read this morning’s ReadWriteWeb post about digital hoarding by Taylor Hatmaker, I discovered a kindred spirit amid the sea of inbox zero fanatics and Evernote acolytes. For I, like Hatmaker, collect digital scraps of information for later re...

Social Media and Student Athletes: Is It An Oxymoron

Posted by 01-24-2013 8:19 am

Today’s guest post comes from Mat Kanan, Director of Media Relations for Western Michigan’s athletic department. Matt earned his masters in sports management from Western Michigan in 2009 and is a leader in the use of social media in college ...

Top 2013 #highered Web and Social Media Conferences

Posted by College Web Editor 01-24-2013 7:45 am

Have you decided yet what conference(s) you’ll attend this year I keep track on a Google calendar of higher ed events and conferences of anything interesting for web and marketing teams working in universities and colleges. It’s a useful tool...