Saints and Jets Release 2014 Schedules On Social Media

Posted by 04-24-2014 9:01 am

The New Orleans Saints and New York Jets are two of the most active NFL teams on social media. Yesterday, when the NFL’s 2014 schedule was released, both chose to share their new schedules on social media, reaching out directly to give the news to t...

Advancement Live Preview: 3 Topics, 4 Guests, One BIG Show

Posted by HigherEd Live 04-23-2014 4:50 pm

Join Advancement Live co-host, Ryan Catherwood, on Tuesday, April 29th at 1pm for a broadcast featuring three unique topics. 1:00 – 1:15 p.m. Guests: Raimonds Kulbergs & Kristaps Silins – Live from Riga, Latvia! @itsfunderful Topic 1: The ...

Schools vs Higher Ed: work, life, and professional choices

Posted by Adaptivate 04-23-2014 2:28 pm

I left higher ed to work for independent schools, and it’s been a great choice for me. It wasn’t part of my “plan” in terms of mapping out my career and goals, it was just the right thing for me to do at the right time. People ofte...

Is Your Brand at the Center

Posted by mStoner blog 04-23-2014 10:43 am

At mStoner, we define a brand as the position in the minds of the people you want to reach, influence, and move to action. To your audiences, though, your brand is the promise you make...

Honor thy administrative professional

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 04-23-2014 9:01 am

Today is Administrative Professionals Day in the United States. (Note to bosses: here are some last-minute gift ideas.) Even though this is not a national holiday, and some folks think it’s just another contrivance of the greeting card and florist c...

Handling Transition at the Top

Posted by HigherEd Live 04-22-2014 4:11 pm

If you stay in this business for any length of time, you’re bound to go through a presidential transition. Host Michael Kiser speaks with Dan Lundquist, education consultant and vice president for external relations at The Sage Colleges, about how t...

Web Design Freebies to Save Money for Your Easter Basket

Posted by .eduGuru 04-22-2014 10:48 am

Its time to dress your project into spring colors and decorate for Easter. Get a bunch of cool web design freebies.

Testing Your Web Project Part 1 of 3

Posted by mStoner blog 04-22-2014 8:00 am

Many web projects, including most of the ones we work on here at mStoner, have testing as part of the overall scope. In the grand scheme of a website redesign project its easy to overlook...

Meet #hewebNE conference keynote: Jason Pamental on text vs. visuals, issues & #highered websites

Posted by College Web Editor 04-22-2014 7:40 am

Helping you learn and grow in your higher ed career – no matter how you do it. That’s Higher Ed Experts’ motto! That’s why I spent my time chasing the latest trends, doing research, developing online programs (conferences & co...

5 easy ways to optimize your website images

Posted by HighEdWebTech 04-21-2014 1:07 pm

One easy thing that I notice sites don't optimize are their images. I often see large images that are uploaded into a CMS or other page and just sized down, not scaled, mind you, just resized small. The post 5 easy ways to optimize your website images ap...