Advancement Live: Getting Appointments & Making the Ask

Posted by HigherEd Live 08-18-2014 9:54 am

Advancement Live co-host Ryan Catherwood interviews Arthur Criscillis, Ed.D, Managing Partner at Alexander Haas, an Atlanta-based consulting firm dedicated to advancement programs. This edition of Advancement Live is focused on providing tips for fundrais...

Enrich The Fan Experience With Social Media Ambassadors

Posted by 08-18-2014 8:52 am

Whether fans are at the game or watching via TV or live stream, they are dialed in to social media to get involved in the event. You can give your fans a more intimate experience with a fan-based social media team to cover the game live from the fans per...

Disaster Recovery Plan To Have Something to Fall Back On When Hackers Strike

Posted by .eduGuru 08-15-2014 10:13 am

You are trying to log in to your WordPress site and then a message pops up on your screen; Danger, Malware ahead, your screen goes white and your entire site has been filled up with errorful messages. Now, what would you do Have you ever wondered how w...

Page-Less Websites Are Beneficial For Users and Website Owners

Posted by .eduGuru 08-13-2014 9:52 am

Page-less websites are one of the fastest growing trends in the web designing domain. This term is previously being thrown around a lot in the circles of web design; however, a majority of the end-users have yet to hear about it. Page-less web designing i...

Content Marketing The Great Equalizer

Posted by .eduGuru 08-12-2014 11:13 am

Content is the great equalizer. Harvard University has published its alumni magazine since 1898. Today, the majority of universities publish alumni magazines. It is content marketing at its best. They share stories of students, faculty members, career pat...

Huge Shift in PR Speed, Responsibility & Accountability

Posted by 08-11-2014 10:09 pm

In the previous post, I outlined our strategy for the president’s announcement about possible changes on campus. Shortly after our announcement, a faculty member friend expressed concern about announcing the news on social media, feeling that the ne...

What video is more cringe-worthy

Posted by HighEdWebTech 08-11-2014 3:18 pm

Here are two expensive marketing campaigns based around videos of people rapping that probably shouldn't. The post What video is more cringe-worthy appeared first on HighEdWebTech.

Spice Up Your Annual Report With Visuals

Posted by 08-11-2014 7:32 am

Ahthe annual report. The task is usually greeted with, is it that time of year again  Over the past years, we have heard the annual report groaning to evolve. As I look around the internet, Im glad to report that a number of institutions have respond...

The trouble with the CMS paradigm. Or considering constant and casual editors.

Posted by InsideTimsHead 08-11-2014 6:50 am

For anybody dealing with a large amount of distributed web content, the content management system (or CMS) falls somewhere between a blessing and curse, between a true solution and a necessary evil. But a couple things last week made me … Continue r...

New Storytelling Platforms: Using Medium at Marquette

Posted by Meet Content 08-11-2014 6:43 am

Own your story! Its a common refrain of modern publishing. With so many great content tools at our disposal, we need not outsource the telling of our story to third-party media. One of my all-time favorite quotes, by former Kings College communicator Ky...