Reel Deal Monday: Pop quiz: the beginning

Posted by mStoner blog 04-23-2012 4:57 pm

Confession: I had every intention to feature the latest video from the Boston College Minute video series, “Problem in A minor.” The BC Minute series produced by Ravi Jain consistently tops my list for effective, interesting, and engaging we...

Concordia University St. Paul Episode #311

Posted by EDU Checkup 04-23-2012 11:55 am

Nick DeNardis reviews the Alverno College website and gives it a 0-100 score based on their visual design, information architecture and code quality.

Book Review: Making Technology Investments Profitable

Posted by The Higher Ed CIO 04-23-2012 10:21 am

Making Technology Investments Profitable is a book about maximizing the true value of IT projects and technology investments. Unlike so many other books on CIO and IT success, Jack Keen focuses on the absolute core issue for all success – how to del...

Change agent manifesto: how to build web culture on campus

Posted by 04-23-2012 9:49 am

We have made great strides in the web community here on campus. I decided to write a proposal to speak at the HighEdWeb conference on the topic so I have been reflecting on how the community has grown and how we can continue to grow the FIU web community....

Book review: Zen and the art of presentations

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 04-23-2012 8:00 am

Presentation Zen (Second Edition) The Art of the Pitch Lately I’ve noticed a lot of conversations about upcoming higher ed conferences floating along my Twitter stream. A lot of folks are also talking about submitting their proposals to present at t...

Content With Purpose: Ready, Set, Action!

Posted by Meet Content 04-23-2012 7:20 am

What defines quality content Does it communicate clearly Does it attract new users Does it engage current users It can and should do all those things, but to what end Ultimately, content should inspire action. On Meet Content, we talk a lot about pur...

Book Review: New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith

Posted by 04-23-2012 7:17 am

When it comes to defining the term relationship marketing, look no further than the author of this book: Mari Smith. She not only knows what shes writing about, she embodies it. When I need the latest Facebook facts, I think of Mari Smith. She is the r...

Do Events Have a Social Graph

Posted by Alumni Futures 04-23-2012 12:01 am

In a recent article titled The Next Big Thing, social network analyst Valdis Krebs pointed out there that just as a person has a "social graph" that depicts how they connect and interact with otehrs, a book can have a social graph too. His network map dis...

When Crowdsourcing the News Goes Bad

Posted by 04-20-2012 5:56 pm

Two disconcerting stories took hold in the college sports world on Thursday. The first one was a firestorm of criticism for University of Wisconsin mens basketball coach Bo Ryan. It started Wednesday morning with a tweet from influential sports broadcast...

Alumni-Focused Webinar Series Begins May 1, 2012

Posted by Converge Consulting - Measurable Multi-channel Marketing for Higher Education 04-20-2012 2:49 pm

Join Converge Consulting for a webinar series that focuses on alumni motivation and the specific segment of young alumni. Alumni... Keep reading