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From Agency to EDU: Lessons in Solving Brand Problems

Posted by HigherEd Live 06-17-2019 12:21 am

Everyone talking marketing is using five-syllable words. Why Is it making the results better Systems, processes, organizations, and relationships have a way of getting complicated. Adam Pierno is all about paring things back to their essentials to drive...

Kin Sejpal Joins Marketing Live

Posted by HigherEd Live 06-12-2019 11:00 am

Higher Ed Live is excited to announce Kin Sejpal, higher ed marketing strategist, has signed on to host in 2019.     Kin Sejpal joins Andrew Cassel, Christen Gowan, and Rob Zinkan as co-host on Marketing Live. Kinnari Kin Sejpal serves as Asso...

2019 Higher Ed WEBSITES Conference: watch on-demand with 1 extra session released soon

Posted by College Web Editor 06-10-2019 11:29 am

Did you miss the #HEW19 conference on June 5 Watch it on-demand! The 2019 Higher Ed WEBSITES Conference was a really fun and engaging experience (check out the pics!) for all the American, Canadian and Australian schools in attendance – and you can...

Announcing new leadership at HighEdWeb

Posted by Link: The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals 05-31-2019 1:21 pm

HighEdWeb is pleased to announce our newly-elected Board of Directors officers and members. The board works to create and manage policy, coordinate business issues, and manage the growth and prosperity of the association.

Talk Triggers: Operational Differentiators That Compel Word of Mouth

Posted by HigherEd Live 05-24-2019 4:30 am

Jay Baer has been named one of the worlds most influential digital marketers, customer service experts, and customer experience experts. In this episode of Marketing Live, hell share insights for higher ed marketers on delivering a customer experience t...

Working with Millennial Faculty

Posted by HigherEd Live 05-22-2019 11:00 am

Stereotypes about traditional faculty members are ripe for a Saturday Night Live parody we only work two days a week, we have a sense of entitlement, we have too much say on institutional policy and procedure, our bosses cater to us, etc. For some facul...

Emerging Technology: What Does That Mean

Posted by HigherEd Live 05-15-2019 11:00 am

This blog post is written by Katie Ross, Education Director of Liberal Studies at Full Sail University. Emerging technology is often defined as a form of technology that exists, is slowly adapting into our everyday lives, or is on the cusp of development ...

Disrupting Remediation

Posted by HigherEd Live 05-08-2019 11:00 am

During our lifetimes, we will likely see high-stakes standardized testing go extinct definitely in the American higher education ecosystem, and perhaps in K-12, too. The problems with such tests are well documented: race, class, and first-language bias ...

Debunking the Myth of Job Fit

Posted by HigherEd Live 05-01-2019 8:10 pm

“Job Fit” is often a term used in search processes that can be used as a tool for exclusion, consciously and unconsciously. “Job Fit” can be a euphemism and code word for stereotypes and assumptions about others and help keep our i...

2019 Higher Ed Content Conference: watch on-demand with 3 extra sessions released in May

Posted by College Web Editor 04-30-2019 7:33 pm

Did you miss the #HECO19 conference in April Watch it on-demand! The 2019 Higher Ed Content Conference was a really fun and engaging experience (check out the pics!) for all the American and Canadian teams in attendance a couple of weeks ago – and ...

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