Friday Five: 5 questions for Daryl Weber @BrandedCortex), author of Brand Seduction

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 08-05-2016 11:10 am

We like to think that we are in control of our thoughts — that the decisions we make are thoughtful, logical and rational. But as recent neuroscience research is revealing, our decision-making is heavily influenced by our subconscious. The same is t...

FAFSAs Prior-Prior Year Meets Travel Season

Posted by HigherEd Live 08-04-2016 5:10 pm

Early FAFSA and Prior-Prior Year (PPY) is officially here and challenges and opportunities for this recruitment cycle abound. In this episode of Admissions Live, we will demystify what PPY means for students, parents, and recruiters. Louis Hirsh, chair of...

How to Decipher Organic Reach and Engagement in Facebook

Posted by 08-04-2016 3:09 pm

Every month I do a reach/engagement report for a Facebook page I manage to make sure that we are on top of trends in what fans like and react to. It gives us some direction when it comes to putting content together and also helps us understand changes we ...

One Video to Rule Them All: Get the Most Out of Your Advancement Video Projects

Posted by HigherEd Live 08-04-2016 2:43 pm

Video content is more popular than ever. Is your Advancement operation taking full advantage of the medium In this episode, guests from Embryo Creative, Boston University, and Temple University discuss how they have combined audience segmentation, smart ...

Set Goals with Google Analytics

Posted by mStoner blog 08-04-2016 9:35 am

Google Analytics offers higher education a great opportunity to learn about our digital audiences. Our experience with clients shows us that Goals a key feature in Google Analytics  is the holy grail for higher ed. (In this post, we’ll different...

Transitions from #SAgrad to #SApro

Posted by HigherEd Live 08-03-2016 8:55 pm

Two years ago, we featured a large panel of (then) graduate students in Student Affairs master’s programs on an episode called Current #SAGrads: Their Future in Student Affairs. We’ve invited them back to appear on Student Affairs Live and sha...

Crafting a consultancy

Posted by Eric Stoller's Blog 08-03-2016 4:32 pm

What I’ve been up to… Blogging, tweeting, learning, running, writing, reading, listening, cooking, speaking, volunteering, traveling, consulting, and sleeping. It’s been 8’ish months since I last gave an update on the blog. Once ag...

Subscribe to the Higher Ed Live Podcast

Posted by HigherEd Live 08-02-2016 3:52 pm

If youre like most higher ed professionals, youre constantly on the move. Whether its hopping from one meeting to another or traveling to the next conference, its tough to stay up-to-date on all the latest and greatest content on the Higher Ed Live si...

Is it time to reimagine #highered as we know it

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 08-01-2016 2:30 pm

Just prior to last week’s Democratic National Convention, columnist Christine Emba of The Washington Post introduced a series of articles in the Post‘s In Theory section by posing the question: Do we need to remodel our university system  It&...

Episode 011: Email Marketing for Authors Part Two

Posted by 08-01-2016 11:23 am

In this episode, Chris and Becca finish the five essential steps in setting up a successful email marketing system. The post Episode 011: Email Marketing for Authors – Part Two appeared first on CKSyme Media Group.