The year in relevant reading

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 12-29-2015 12:57 pm

2015 wasn’t a great reading year for me. I may have started a dozen books, and finished perhaps eight or nine of them. Not much to brag about there. When you consider books relevant to this blog, the pickings for 2015 were pretty slim. That made it ...

5 Tips To Get More Done in 2016

Posted by 12-29-2015 8:35 am

The new year is a time when people look back and look forward. Personally, I set goals for each year using a system I built years ago that allows me to dig deep into the why and set realistic goals that align with my personal mission. Sounds like a lot of...

This is a test title

Posted by Geoff Campbell 12-28-2015 8:52 pm

This is test text.Filed under: S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Data CAN tell a story

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 12-28-2015 12:21 pm

Communications expert Andy Goodman has a great quote that I like to repeat when I want to drive home the power of storytelling in presentations or marketing (as opposed to merely presenting data). Numbers numb, jargon jars, and nobody ever marched on Wash...

New test website

Posted by Geoff Campbell 12-27-2015 10:47 pm

Hi all, Just wanted to share that I’m working on a test website as a follow-up after being inspired from the sessions at WordCamp US. “Geoff Campbell‘s Test WordPress Site” is the working title. It’s just a theme consisting o...

Friday Five: Obligatory year-in-review edition

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 12-25-2015 7:00 am

Once again we find ourselves nearing the end of another calendar year. And as certain as the sounds of Christmas classics in shopping malls, so too come the multitudes of articles and blog posts offering year-in-review perspectives and retrospectives. As ...

A holiday season #throwback: Rebranding Santa

Posted by Higher Ed Marketing 12-23-2015 4:31 pm

Note: Two years ago, the folks at branding firm Quietroom came up with something so ingenious that it deserves to be re-shared, year after year, during the holiday season — just like that “Yes, Virginia” letter or the incessant re-runs o...

Develop Reader Loyalty With Pinterest

Posted by 12-23-2015 8:05 am

What makes a loyal fan Why do readers sing the praises of their favorite authors First and foremost because they love their books. Smart authors will take advantage of that affinity and find ways to keep the interest of their fans between books by conne...

Too Long, Didnt Read

Posted by mStoner blog 12-22-2015 3:22 pm

TL,DR: Your information is too dense, nobody is reading it, and you need to lighten up (the content).   Content Density Lately I’ve noticed a certain recurring quality as I work with our clients on restructuring the content and architecture for...

How To Know If That Book Promotion Has Value

Posted by 12-21-2015 9:37 am

Marketing can be complicated, but only because we make it so. There is so much advice out there on how to sell your books that my head spins just thinking about it. Marketing, like every other business operation, has best practices (things that work), and...