BlogHighEd is a higher ed blogger network. We are trying to unify a community of bloggers that talk about the “higher ed” niche. We aggregate blogs from many areas: webmasters, marketers, vendors, counselors, consultants, and more.

There is an application process and we will select new blogs from time to time. Blogs must be live for 6+ months and post at least 4 times a year to be considered for the site. The reason we are looking to do this is so that we have blog that will continue to add value over time and not be another here today, gone tomorrow site.

This site is run by Brad J Ward, CEO of Blue Fuego and Matt Herzberger, Director of Web Communications – Florida International University. We met at a conference in 2007 and talked about how cool it would be to aggregate and create a network around the many higher ed bloggers. The rest is history.

So let’s enjoy this together, and help each other out along the way.